Sedo Sales For the Last Two Weeks. DomainTools' Blog

I really miss Jay's commentaries and insights on this. So used to learning from his comments when he does this kind of blog post. more »

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Live Auction Streaming Results. Check Out The Prices!

Check out the prices of domains sold at TRAFFIC. Great work, Elliot of TopNotchDomains.com. more »

BDZ.com on sale now for an amazing $118,500 USD.

It is a domain name without content and has been in existence since 1996. Bidding ends June 20th at 12 p.m. GMT. more »

CZA.com Sold At SEDO. EUR13,000.

Auction closed at EUR13,000. Check out bidding history here. Not bad for a LLL.com. more »

065.com SOLD At SEDO. $7,150. Bidding History Here.

Rare NNN.com. Chance to grab one now at SEDO. more »

JVB.com Is Sold at US$10,000.

Check out the Bidding History at Sedo for JVB.com here. more »

Inside Domaining: Domain Name HotProperty.com on Fire in Aussie... Closes for a Cool $120K

Australian company, Aussie.com, purchases HotProperty.com for 6-Figures. High-end domain name sales are becoming more prevalent. more »

Profitable Software Business FOREX Market Trading NNFXS.com Sold at US$7,600.

Winning bid at US$7,600. Selling the business, website, short DOT COM domain name, only 5 letters long. Proprietary software and exclusive license t more »

Body.com Big Seller for Sedo

Body.com was easily the biggest seller for Sedo in the week to March 16, selling for US$400,000. Second biggest sale for the week was gonghui.com tha more »

Property.com SOLD by the Domain King

Originally acquired at $750,000, the domain has been resold in a deal rumored to be worth 7 to 8 figures! more »

GamblingForumOnline.com sold for $1.1 million

Press release claiming that the three-word domain GamblingForumOnline.com was sold for $1.1 million in stock and cash. more »

Sedo.com Domain Name Sales Report - May 5th - Domain Name News, The Domain Industry News, ICANN News, Registry News, Dom

Source: Sales Report submitted by Sedo to DomainNews.com - Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 more »

Sedo domain sales of the week up to May 5th

"Here is a selected list of domain sales on the Sedo platform of the week up to May 5th, 2008.." more »

Domaining Like It's 2001

It's too late to make big money in domaining… I wish I had been around in 1995, 2001 or 2005".

That's a very common complaint heard among today more »